Studio Infrastructure Tour

My studio is a good as it will get here in the Mattox.  I recently finished infrastructural improvements inended to be done back in June, who's counting anyway.


Notice the integrated; 120vac, 3.3 vdc, 5 vdc, 12vdc, -12vdc, 24vdc, 36 vdc and 48 vdc, in my electronics table, with an easy overide off switch to all dc powersupplies as well as one to the ac.  In the back ground my modified audio/visual cart that holds electronics componets on this side.

How are you going to have an extendable arm (that I found on the side of the road)  for your soldering station and not have a custom stainless holster for you heat gun?


And on the other side we have hardware.

This one is a bit larger in real life that it looks in this piucture.  Who wants storage to be a pile on the floor?

This one I inherited from Eso Robinson.  Notice food grade silicone supplies for the Kitchen Compass, (Edible Carnival Merch) availiable soon but the new Livestock Trio is on priority right now.

My stainless welding MIG rig, with scrap plywood wheels.

Another modified A/V cart modified for paint, complete with full extension pull drawer (remember to get hinges that hold them selves closed when your putting a drawer on a cart).

Being that this hangs on the wall I suppose it is a painting...

A table on a pallet is handy if you have a pallet jack around.  Nice safe flat storage for your cutting mats is a must.

And finally the latest and greatest addition, after hours of hunching over a project you gotta stretch out.