ASTC Explora

 I'm happy to report that LiveStock Beta pretty much worked at Explora for the ASTC confrence.  It even stayed up a few days and was suprisingly resiliant to interaction with children during normal business hours.

The project simply could not have happened with out the support from:

Conor Peterson, who was a constant source of technical guidence and who designed the PCB to drive power the LEDS as well as wrote the entire bit of code for Arduino that controls the articulation, and that will be posted on this page soon in the public domain.   LiveStockStepperDriver.ino

Eric Geusz, who did the bulk of the LED programming and the Max MSP patch which ran the computer vision.  Both of these files will also be posted here soon, and in the Public Domain.

                             LiveStockLED.ino            3pointCVforMaxMSP

Andrea Polli, who helped me get the gig at Explora and encouraged me to attempt a project I felt unlikely to succeed.

The Howard L. Franks Memorial Fellowship, which provided the bulk of the funding.

Explora, for having me at their event!

Shane Montoya, Exhibit Developer at Explora helping take down LiveStock.

Thanks for all your help Shane!





Some Images from the event.